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Shawn Maxwell's Alliance     Shawn Maxwell's Alliance   Bridge
       Downbeat Magazine – Editor's Pick; December 2014
    “He’s an artist with unique ideas and his own sound palette...
    This is bold music.” – Frank Alkyer, Downbeat Magazine
    “... full of rich musical ideas, colorful passages,
    and unique musical constructs.” – Dan Bilawsky,

Shawn Maxwell's Alliance     Shawn Maxwell's Alliance   
       Downbeat Magazine – Editor's Pick; February 2014
    “Bravo.” – Bobby Reed, Downbeat Magazine
    “Nobody writes like this.” – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune
    “a singular work of true musical fusion” – Hrayr Attarian,
    “4 Stars” – Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer

lePercolateur     lePercolateur   Pop Manouche
    “eleven original compositions so good I swear I’ve heard
    some of them, and sung along, before…
    those universal themes that make a tune a standard are all there…
    This disc is highly recommended.” – Doug Boynton,

Makaya McCraven     Makaya McCraven   Split Decision
    “genuinely unique approach to the piano trio format… a marvelous example
    of his creativity and musicianship, as well as his very tasteful writing…
    Don't usually give "stars" around here, but if I did… it would be
    Five Stars all the way” – Ron Pelletier, Jazz From Gallery 41

Aaron Koppel Quartet 2     Aaron Koppel Quartet   Multiverse
       One of Downbeat Magazine's "Best CDs of 2012"
    4 Stars! (“Excellent”) – Downbeat Magazine
    “The band… knows how and where to take chances.
    Through time shifts, mood changes and wide–branching tunes,
    the musicians stick closely together…” – Jon Ross, Downbeat Magazine

Shawn Maxwell 2     Shawn Maxwell   Urban Vigilante
    “music played by a tight–knit group that knows each other's moves,
    with studio sessions that play like a club set…” – John Ephland, Downbeat
    “People liking their jazz acoustic, straight–ahead and in the pocket”
    will have lots to love here.” – Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine

Larry Gray Trio     Larry Gray Trio   Three Equals One
    3 ½ Stars! (3=Good, 4=Excellent) – Downbeat Magazine
    “the surprises come in subtle, consistent ways…
    a simple yet elegant trio… these guys play up
    to the album title's meaning.” – John Ephland, Downbeat Magazine

Matt Nelson Trio     Matt Nelson Trio   Nostalgiamaniac
       One of Downbeat Magazine's "Best CDs of 2011"
    4 Stars! (“Excellent”) – Eric Fine, Downbeat Magazine
    “the best piano–trio album to come out of Chicago in 2010” – Neil Tesser
    “impressive debut… a tasty player with a penchant
    for uncommon lyricism…” – Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times Magazine

CALJE     Chicago Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble   Blueprints
    3 ½ Stars! (3=Good, 4=Excellent) – Downbeat Magazine
    “a Latin jazz masterpiece…
    the sharpest new sound in Latin jazz” – Neil Tesser
    “a wonderfully diverse repertoire of new and highly creative music…”
    – Rebeca Mauleón, Jazz Times Magazine

Shawn Maxwell Quartet     Shawn Maxwell Quartet   Maxwell's House
    “a hard–swinging, deep in the pocket release… Maxwell’s tone and sense of
    time are captivating… Strong compositions, a deep sense of time feel and an
    emphasis on melody all come together to produce an album that would be
    expected from musicians twice their age.” – M Warnock,

Pat Mallinger     Pat Mallinger   Dragon Fish
    #7 in's Top Chicago Recordings of 2009
    “‘Dragon Fish’ not only features the masterful playing of two virtuosos
    in a relaxed studio setting, but showcases Mallinger’s exceptional
     compositional skills as well…” – Brad Walseth,

Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance     Paul Wertico's Mid–East/Mid–West Alliance   Impressions Of A City
       One of Downbeat Magazine's "Best CDs of 2010"
    4 ½ Stars! (4=“Excellent”, 5=“Masterpiece” ) – John Ephland, Downbeat
    “This is musical narrative at its finest. A fanfare for the common
    (and mechanistically exploited) 21st century man and woman.”
    – Matt Marshall, JazzInside NY

Howard Levy     Howard Levy   Tonight And Tomorrow
       One of Downbeat Magazine's "Best CDs of 2010"
    4 Stars! (“Excellent”) "a stellar trio" – Michael Jackson, Downbeat Magazine
    “a marvelous piano–trio album featuring Levy's harmonica…
    The trio interplay is first–rate throughout, as are the arrangements.”
    – George Kanzler, Jazz Times Magazine

Darwin Noguera's Evolution Quintet     Darwin Noguera's Evolution Quintet   The Gardener
    “an expressive and experimental take on the Latin jazz vernacular…
    The music here represents a new branch on the tree of jazz…
    a very strong outing for Noguera
    and his entire ensemble” – Matthew Warnock,

Zvonimir Tot     Zvonimir Tot   Eloquent Silence
    “Tot keeps one–upping himself with every disc he puts out,
    and ‘Eloquent Silence’ is a fantastic example
    of just how brilliant a guitarist, writer and arranger he is.”
    – Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine

Aaron Koppel Quartet     Aaron Koppel Quartet   Falling Together Falling Apart
    #7 in Neil Tesser’s Top Ten Chicago Jazz Discs of 2009
    #12 in’s Top Chicago Recordings of 2009
    3 ½ Stars! (3=Good, 4=Excellent) – Downbeat Magazine
    “a lovely, lively collection marked by intelligent writing, emotional depth,
    and sterling musicianship.” – Neil Tesser

Tony do Rosario     Tony do Rosario's New Chicago Jazz Quartet   New Beginnings
    “With an expansive tone that brings to mind
    the bleeding of a drop of watercolor into paper,
    do Rosario runs off quick, single–noted lines that have
    equal parts warmth and punch…” – Matthew Warnock,

Paulinho Garcia     Paulinho Garcia   My Very Life
    “Singer–guitarist Garcia always caresses the ear,
    but this disc offers an impressive collection
    of original compositions steeped in Brazilian musical culture.
    Each is a revelation.” – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Steven Hashimoto's Mothra     Steven Hashimoto's Mothra   Tradewind
    #15 in’s Top Chicago Recordings of 2009
    “Covering a lot of stylistic territory isn’t much of a trick,
    but doing so and still projecting a unified ensemble voice is,
    and Mothra carries it off with aplomb.” – David Dupont, Cadence Magazine

Marshall Vente Trio     Marshall Vente Trio   Marshall Arts
    “Clearly one of the elite trio albums around, 'Marshall Arts' blends
    a sophisticated version of straight jazz with tender bossa rhythms
    in one nice musical package…
    a must for the discerning jazz audience.” – Edward Blanco, EJazz News

Larry Gray     Larry Gray   1, 2, 3…
    “sophisticated arrangements, gorgeous acoustic
    and electric string textures… and sensitive trap–set work…
    The tunes are sturdy and the playing inspired…
    hefty set of well–conceived music…” – Philip Booth, Downbeat Magazine